Target Audience
Compclean targets people of all residential areas, commercial industries and hospitality. Compclean targets any form of cleaning such as carpets, upholstery, tiles, drive-ways, dustbins, office spaces, petrol stations, shopping centres, airports etc.
To further define the audience, Compclean specialises in:

  • Carpets, Upholstery and Re-upholstery

All fitted carpets (residential and office spaces), Persian Carpets and Upholstery are deep steam cleaned using a fibre-rinse chemical and perfume removing 90% of all stains from deep within the carpet fibres resulting in a hygienically clean and fresh smelling carpet.

  • General Commercial Cleaning

Commercial clients such as office parks and shopping centres require a more labour intensive service including a higher level of skills, knowledge and equipment due to a much broader scale of cleaning surfaces. All commercial surfaces such as tiling, brick paving, tar surfaces etc as well as publicly used surfaces such as steel beams, windows, walls, tenant passages, walkways, loading areas, parking lots, toilets and ablution areas, lifts, escalators and waste control. Escalators, restrooms, seating areas etc are deep steam cleaned with specific chemicals and equipment accordingly ensuring a bacteria-free and hygienically clean environment.

  • Dustbin Cleaning

Keeping your dustbin clean is of high importance as it decreases infestation of pests such a mice and rats as well as the risk of diseases / infections. Compclean uses high pressure hoses and specific anti-bacterial and perfumed chemicals, lowering the risk of the above mentioned factors.