Continuous supervision and training of employees is key, which will ensure level of skills and knowledge are kept up to date and to broaden the services offered. A certificate in carpet / general cleaning is required to operate in this industry. Serv

Compclean sets the prices for various services according to the following: The size / carpet type of the individual rooms / lose carpets (residential) The size and amount of seats (couches, office chairs, cinema seats etc.) The total square

Structure The structure of the business is Cc. The benefits of this structure include: low level of legal and tax formalities involved in setting up the business, inexpensive to set-up as a sole trader, and the control and profit remains entirely wi

Target Audience Compclean targets people of all residential areas, commercial industries and hospitality. Compclean targets any form of cleaning such as carpets, upholstery, tiles, drive-ways, dustbins, office spaces, petrol stations, shopping centr

The location of the business is currently in Gauteng. The service does not require clients to travel to a specific area as we are a mobile company and deliver our services at our client’s location directly. While the business has attracted